Spa hotel – KINGS VALLEY


  • Локация Royarch Architecture
  • Категория interior, exterior
  • Площ 01 June, 2021
  • Клиент
  • Година 2018

The property has an area of ​​41405 m2, located 5km from the town of Kazanlak. The environment is ennobled – south of the property there is a water park with mineral pools, water attractions and a restaurant, west – well maintained property with rich park environment, north – private airport, south – undeveloped territory. To the north is the Balkan Mountains and to the south is Sredna Gora. The area is popular with the presence of mineral springs. The property is flat and provides transport access from the south and is richly landscaped in its southwestern part.A new street is foreseen to the north and east. Bicycle lanes are provided in the area.

The project envisages the location of the main building in the northwestern part of the property in order to preserve the existing park environment from the south. The main approach to the property is from the north. The building is symmetrical with a clear layout. To the southeast of the main building there are 4 outdoor swimming pools – swimming, children’s, entertaining and “hot” / for winter use /. They are supplied with mineral water. The environment around them is richly landscaped and ennobled. The pools have arbors, summer and water bar, technical premises.

To the east of the pools are provided changing rooms and bathrooms and 2 sports fields. The first one is for artificial turf minifootball, the second is for artificial turf. Southeast of the property is an auxiliary building – a traditional Bulgarian-style restaurant for outside visitors. It has private parking. From the south there is an approach from the complex to the water park and additional parking for clients. In the southwestern part of the property is provided official access for loading. The property is surrounded by a fence on all sides, which is made of monolithic plinth with stone cladding and openwork wrought iron panels. Access to the complex is restricted to casual visitors and is under video surveillance. The approach to the hotel building is from the north. There is an outdoor parking for 180 cars and an opportunity for bus access. There is a large visor in front of the entrance.

To the east of the building is the approach to an underground garage for customers, where 68 parking spaces are provided for clients in the basement of the building. It also houses 9 parking spaces for employees, a warehouse with a separate approach, residential premises for staff, laundry facilities, warehouses, a piano bar, technical rooms, substation – 2, staff canteen and more. On the ground floor there is a lobby with a height of almost 9m, reception, lobby, conference room, main restaurant with kitchen, indoor swimming pools, spa, hairdresser, shop, separate entrance for staff, security. A partial floor is foreseen – a mezzanine on which there is a reception SPA, fitness and balneology, administration and more. Functional approaches to the indoor pools, SPA center and balneology are distinguished on this floor. In the part of balneology there are different procedures, a massage room, a doctor’s office, office rooms and more.

For this purpose, a project for the part “Technological” was prepared. On the first floor, in the central area around the lobby gallery, there are 6 small conference rooms, a games room overlooking the indoor pool and hotel rooms. The necessary office premises, maid’s offices, service and technical premises, an office elevator and emergency stairs are provided. The second and third floors are entirely with hotel rooms and suites. The rooms are of a size and comfort, exceeding the requirements for category 5 * and are furnished with double hotel beds, sofa – bench (extensible), etc. The attic level is developed with rooms and apartments with roof-terraces.